« The Center Canin des Ruisseaux,

What a great discovery. I am the master of a male boxer of 1 year and 9 months, my first dog, his name is Brutus. I did not know how to proceed with a dog and a client referred me to the Center Canin Des Ruisseaux. An extraordinary place. All the services available at the dog center.

I have attended the obedience courses offered, I have Brutus groomed regularly and, given my overworked schedule, the Canin Des Ruisseaux Center offers day-care for dogs. Best fun and exhaustion for the dog. It’s amazing and also this helps me a lot because Brutus is a dog that has too much energy. Every morning Brutus waits at the door to go to play with his dogfriends at the daycare. On the way back, in the evening, Benz eats and sleeps. Incredible but true. In the canine center everyone is superb and so good with animals. They love animals, but our animals love them too. Brutus is overjoyed every time he enters the canine center. I am completely satisfied.

My life as the new master of a dog could not go as smoothly without the help of the Center Canin Des Ruisseaux. Even today they are important to us, whenever I have questions or need a trick, they are there to help us. You are part of our lives. Many thanks you are the best and I strongly recommend the Center Canin Des Ruisseaux to all masters who desire what is best for their companion.»

Janice and Brutus.  

« I would like to tell you about my experience at the Canine Des Ruisseaux Center.

I currently have 2 chihuahuas Bonnie and Clyde 3 ½ years and 3 years old.

I did all the obedience classes I-II-III with my two dogs from a very young age, and everything is super well done. The courses were very pleasant and efficient. I have really succeeded my education and those of my two dogs thanks to the judicious advice of the team of the center. My dogs are very sociable and appreciated by my entourage.

I also use the daycare and grooming service on occasion and my dogs love to be there. I see that they appreciate the people who look after them. They are well treated it is obvious.

Thanks to the team of the Center canin Des Ruisseaux for all the good care. »


«Almost 30 years and a few dogs later,

The CCDR is still a must for me and a reference for several reasons. Their gentle but firm methods of learning, focused on positive reinforcement have been proven for several years.

The modernization of the premises and the arrival of the new generation at the head of the company, CCDR has taken a new lease of life. The judicious advice and tricks of Louis-Marc and his team are personalized and make the education of our dogs enjoyable and EFFECTIVE! Agility classes on Friday night are great fun and help create a solid relationship with your pet. The sessions of socialization allowed my little cowards to confront their fellows with more confidence. Educational board and board services have expanded. I’ve benefitted from Isabelle’s professional services, which work wonders for our small and big companions, convenient and so secure when we are away for a short or longer stay period.

Julie, who succeeded Brigitte in grooming, makes our dogs clean and smells good, while Frederic de la Mordée allows us to watch over the oral health of our companions.

In addition, the shop offers educational tools and quality products that are not always found in other pet shops.

That’s what makes me an old and faithful CCDR client for all those years! »

Elizabeth,   the happy mistress of Lucky, Sirius, Padfoot, grandmother of Iris, Kissu, adorable dachshunds and Paddington, hairy Samoyede, all educated at the CCDR!!!