La race ne fait pas le chien

The breed does not make the dog

We often hear the same questions: “What breed of dog do you recommend to me?” “,” Which are of a quiet nature? “,” Which are good with children? … Although it may be easy to want to group them according to their general characteristics, we believe that doing so results in a mistake. Having worked with hundreds of dogs, we can assure you one thing: every dog ​​is unique, regardless of breed.

Despite the stereotypical characteristics associated with breeds, each dog has its own unique personality. Just because he’s a Labrador or a Golden Retriever doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be a good family dog. Indeed, several factors come into play. The genes of the parents, the environment in which they find themselves as well as their lived experiences influence the personality of each dog.

His behavior is influenced by the education given to him, but sometimes this is not enough to camouflage his unconscious character. For some dogs it is very difficult to go completely against their innate nature. Like humans, dogs have their own unique personalities. A good example would be to compare two children brought up in the same family, by the same parents, with a fairly identical education. We all know a family like this, where despite the similarities of all the upbringing settings, the two children are completely different and act in a totally different way. The same principle also applies to dogs: while education certainly has a role to play in their behavior, it does have its limits.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, our team recommends that you choose your dog by relying on the breeder or the person in charge of the dogs. Thanks to his expertise, this person will know how to inform you about the dogs available, advise you as well as perform an effective pairing adapted to your lifestyle. You should not fall into the trap of choosing a dog for its appearance ,or for what he is supposed to be, depending on his race. We recommend that you ask questions and make sure the breeder is familiar with their dogs before embarking on an adoption process. A conscientious breeder will not let you go with a dog or puppy that does not meet your expectations. There is nothing more disappointing than realizing that you ultimately have nothing in common with that little furball you originally melted for.

Finally, it is not long before we can detect the true character of the dog. After just a few days, it is possible to observe its behavior and temperament. Of course, you have to leave time and space for the doggie so that he can feel comfortable in your family. Indeed, at first he will be embarrassed and will not let out his true colors! This is also why some prefer to opt for an adult dog. By observing his personality, it is possible to see if he matches yours. It is easier to assess whether the dog will be able to easily fit into your lifestyle. By choosing a puppy, the advantages and disadvantages come together a little more. On the one hand, you will enjoy the cutest and funniest moments with your adorable little furball, but on the other, it is a risk to take to adopt him so early, because you have no idea what his character will actually be like. It’s a choice to be made… Perhaps you are ready and equipped for any eventuality? If so, that’s awesome. If not, we recommend that you take more of your time in choosing the right one. When you adopt a dog, it’s for life!

The important thing to remember is that you have to go for the dog and not for the breed of the dog. There are dogs for everyone! What may be a weak point for you may be a strong point for another. You just have to stay open-minded and take your time. Good luck in your research and we will be happy to assist you in doggie education. Come see us!


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