Master Dog Trainer

Master Dog Trainer

The Centre Canin Des Ruisseaux Certified Dog Trainer Course is a comprehensive course for candidates who want to become a canine education specialist to either get a job in this field or to start their own business.

The professional dog training student acquires the necessary skills to train dogs for both personal and business needs. After completing his practical training, he will be able to offer high-level courses tailored to all types of needs. He will have acquired several positive reinforcement training techniques appropriate for all kinds of dog temperaments.

The full intensive course, totaling 210 hours, at a cost of $5000 plus taxes, spans over a 6-week period.

A full-time experienced instructor will be present during your training.

Comprehensive, positive and professional training.

Educational materials are provided and diplomas are awarded after completion of 6-week course.

For more information about the program, we invite you to visit our facilities and meet our friendly instructor.

Dog Grooming Course

Interested in a becoming a dog groomer?

We offer a serious and complete training program for those who want to make grooming their profession.

This is a private course. Each student will have their own dog to learn grooming techniques and will always be supervised by a professional groomer. You will be able to learn at your own pace.

An informational 300-page handbook, in French, is included in the course. In it, you will find a description of the various grooming styles, description of each breed, a health booklet and a section devoted to the maintenance of the equipment.

You will learn how to: wash, dry, trim the claws, wax and clean the ears, express the anal glands, properly brush and untangle all types of hair. You will also learn how to groom using razors and scissors.

Please note that in your course it is guaranteed that you will groom at least one dog of the following breeds: Lhasa Apso or Shih Tzu, Poodle, Terrier (Fox, Welsh or Lakeland), West Highland and Shetland (or a dog with similar fur). With the experience gained during your grooming course and the handbook provided, you will be able to properly groom any breed of dog.

Classes are given on weekdays, four days a week, from 9 am to 4 pm, spread over 6 to 8 weeks. The course totals 200 hours. The price of the course is $5000 plus $900 for the equipment, in addition to applicable taxes.

For more information about the program, we invite you to visit our facilities and meet our friendly instructor.

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