Obedience 1*

Group course :


180$ - six 1-hour lessons

Obedience 3*

Group course :

SATURDAY, JANUARY 12, 2019 AT 12:00 PM

180$ - six 1-hour lessons

Kindergarten *

Group course :


180$ - six 1-hour lessons
From the age of 10 weeks

Obedience 2*

Group course :


180$ - six 1-hour lessons

Specialized programs

At Des Ruisseaux Canin Centre our educational programs for dog training are highly specialized. We offer five different programs to meet your needs perfectly. Our positive reinforcement techniques not only help to ensure motivation but will help you and your companion to become a team. With us, obedience is a pleasure.

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Board and Train Program

The “Des Ruisseaux Canin Centre offers a board and train program to teach your dog how to become a well behaved family member.

After a brief stay, you will find your dog more attentive to household rules. Moreover, at any point, you will be able to witness the progress your companion has made and discuss specific problems regarding your dog’s educational needs with the trainer. When the boarding period is over, a follow-up meeting with the trainer will help ensure that what was learnt is put into practice at home.

Weekly training: 1 private lesson included for each week of training
1 week (7 days) (4x6)* : 560$ (4X10)* : 595$
2 weeks (14 days) (4x6)* : 1120$ (4X10)* : 1190$
3 weeks (21 days)(4x6)* : 1680$ (4x10)* : 1785$
4 weeks (28 days)(4x6)* : 2240$ (4x10)* : 2380$

* dimension of the rest air

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Group Training Classes

Group training is an excellent way to teach obedience to your dog without breaking your budget. You will be assigned a series of exercises between each session to practice at home to achieve the desired results.

The courses listed below last 6 weeks for an hour each. They are given weekday evenings or on Saturdays during the daytime. The cost is $180.00 each, before taxes.


With this class, your dog learns to socialize and to acquire good manners: not to jump on people, not to nibble, not to bite, not to bark unnecessarily, etc. We also teach hygiene and maintenance.

The whole class is based on learning obedience without correction, with the help of positive reinforcement only. From the age of 10 weeks up to five months.

180$ - six 1-hour lessons

Obedience I

This class consists of basic obedience behaviours to have fun with the dog and teach him good manners, do not jump on people, do not nibble, do not bark needlessly, etc.

It includes obedience with the leash and the following commands: Heal, sit, down, Stand, stay, and sit or down Stay for a prolonged time, the training is done with distractions as well.

180$ - six 1-hour lessons

Obedience II

This class is a follow up of Obedience Level 1 but this time, without the leash. It also covers the commands: sit, stay and come over a greater distance.

180$ - six 1-hour lessons

Obedience III

This class is the ultimate in obedience! It covers all commands with and without leash as well as hand signals which replace all verbal commands.

180$ - 6 classes of 1h

Group Training for Agility

Do you have team spirit, a thirst for adventure or do you simply love a challenge?

The purpose of this kind of exercise, based on mutual trust and pleasure, is to navigate an obstacle course within a timeframe. All sessions are done in a positive manner with rewards on progress made given in the form of play, affection and treats.

This discipline includes jumps, tunnels, bridges, swings and much more. Perfect for burning off excess physical and mental energy.


180$ - six 1-hour lessons


180$ - 1st time - six 1-hour lessons

150$ - 2nd time

120$ - 3rd time


180$ - 1st time - six 1-hour lessons

150$ - 2nd time

120$ - 3rd time

Private obedience classes

The approach in private allows optimal coaching of the master and his dog as well as a faster progress than in groups. It is possible to take one or more of these classes privately: Kindergarten, Obedience I, II, III. Additionally, the private dog training courses help to focus on the issues that are really problematic and to target specific behavioural problems.

If your dog has a particular problem, the trainer will gladly make an assessment and recommend the best method to deal with it.

375$ - six half-hour lessons
75$ - per half-hour lessons

Private training at your home

Training your companion in the comfort of your home.

Does your dog jump on people or nibble? Perhaps your dog doesn’t heel or come back when you call for him or always pulls on his leash. There is always a solution.

We will focus only on your dog and the difficulties you encounter with him. Training can be done at your home, in your yard or on your dog’s walking route.

180$ - each lesson lasts 1 hour, $25 for each additional 15 minutes.
Transportation/Commuting fees will be added.

Private classes for cleanliness

This theoretical course allows the whole family to be taught the appropriate methods quickly to obtain the necessary guidelines for cleanliness at home, asking for the door and determining the place where the dog can relieve itself. Available to puppies or adult dogs. **

We encourage the entire family to participate in this class to teach cleanliness to your dog. We recommend that every member attends.

85$ - each lesson lasts 45 minutes.


Your dog learns to socialize and to acquire good manners:
- Introducing a dog to children
- Hygiene and where to relieve itself
- Good manners at home
- Introducing your dog to a crate
- Respecting doors
- Barking

We invite the whole family to participate in this class so that all the rules and techniques are understood the same way.

85$ - each class lasts 45 minutes.

Dog Socialization Courses

Does your adult dog become uncontrollable at the sight of other dogs, excessively excited, aggressive, or simply timid. This is a socialization problem, and there are solutions.

Depending on the severity of the problem, a behaviour assessment is necessary to properly target your needs.

These sessions are always under supervision of a professional dog trainer in an indoor dog park. The master and his dog will integrate into the group and learn to keep the harmony with others and above all attain good control to make a good canine citizen.

75$ - with trainer

Home protection training course

To start with, the goal is not to transform the dog into an aggressive or biting animal. The purpose of this course is to give a role to our companion. The dog will be trained to be vigilant within the house and yard in order to react to unwelcomed strangers.

The dog can become a natural guardian. Therein lies the importance of controlling his territorial, hunting and fighting instincts.

Training shows the dog how to properly move its jaw on command and takes care to help the dog not to react to its natural environment, thus avoiding running after a cyclist, jogger, skateboarder, or worse, after a child.

A good guard, a good canine citizen.

180$ - 6 half-hour sessions.

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