Group Training Classes

Group training is an excellent way to teach obedience to your dog without breaking your budget. You will be assigned a series of exercises between each session to practice at home to achieve the desired results.

The courses listed below last 6 weeks for an hour each. They are given weekday evenings or on Saturdays during the daytime. The cost is 240$ each, before taxes.


With this class, your dog learns to socialize and to acquire good manners: not to jump on people, not to nibble, not to bite, not to bark unnecessarily, etc. We also teach hygiene and maintenance.

The whole class is based on learning obedience without correction, with the help of positive and reasoned reinforcement only. From the age of 10 weeks up to five months.

240$ – six 1-hour lessons

Obéissance I

This class consists of basic obedience behaviours to have fun with the dog and teach him good manners, do not jump on people, do not nibble, do not bark needlessly, etc.

It includes obedience with the leash and the following commands: Heel, sit, down, stand, stay, sit or down, stay for a prolonged time. The training is done with distractions as well.

240$ – six 1-hour lessons

Obéissance II

This class is a follow up of Obedience Level 1 but this time, without the leash. It also covers the commands: sit, stay and come over a greater distance.

240$ – six 1-hour lessons

Obéissance III

This class is the ultimate in obedience! It covers all commands with and without leash as well as hand signals which replace all verbal commands.

– six 1-hour lessons

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