Educational Boarding Program

MAKE YOUR DOG HAPPY … and obedient

Your dog will learn: advanced obedience with leash, recall with and without a leash, walking by your side without pulling, concentration walk, sit, down, stay, sit and down prolonged stay with distractions; as well as good manners like no longer jumping on people, nibbling, and barking in your presence.

Additionally, with the Mat command, your dog will learn to stay on this surface without leaving.

Your dog will also learn how to wait at doors, not to sneak, and especially let you move in and out of the house without being in the way.

After each training session (3 or 4 times a day), he will have play time with his instructor. There, he will learn to play properly and to fetch balls or other toys.

After an educational stay, the family will have to take a private lesson to learn how to communicate properly with their dog. This follow-up is as important as the dog’s stay.


Each training week: 1 private lesson included
1 week (7 days)* (4×6)** : 659$ (4X10)** : 694$
2 weeks (14 days)* (4×6)** : 1318$ (4X10)** : 1388$
3 weeks (21 days)* (4×6)** : 1977$ (4×10)** : 2082$
4 weeks (28 days)* (4×6)** : 2636$ (4×10)** : 2776$

*subject to change depending on holidays
**dimension of the rest area

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