Dog Socialization Courses

Does your adult dog become uncontrollable at the sight of other dogs, excessively excited, aggressive, or simply timid? This is a socialization problem, and there are solutions.

Depending on the severity of the problem, a behaviour assessment is necessary to properly target your needs.

These sessions are always under supervision of a professional dog trainer in an indoor dog park. The master and his dog will integrate into the group and learn to keep the harmony with others and above all attain good control to make a good canine citizen.

80$ – with trainer

Home protection training course

To start with, the goal is not to transform the dog into an aggressive or biting animal. The purpose of this course is to give a role to our companion. The dog will be trained to be vigilant within the house and yard in order to react to unwelcomed strangers.

The dog can become a natural guardian. Therein lies the importance of controlling his territorial, hunting and fighting instincts.

Training shows the dog how to properly move its jaw on command and takes care to help the dog not to react to its natural environment, thus avoiding running after a cyclist, jogger, skateboarder, or worse, after a child.

A good guard, a good canine citizen.

240$ – 6 half-hour sessions.

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