New space for small dogs

New space for small dogs

Dog boarding

When you entrust your dog to our boarding facility, you can have peace of mind. It will feel like home:

  • Spacious and comfortable sleeping area
  • Heated Floors
  • Heated and Air-conditioned
  • Several visits outside for answering nature’s needs
  • Daily games with monitor available
  • Outdoor time in a large park available
  • Supervised games with other dogs available
  • A lot of affection and attention

Security and Love

Your dog needs safety, care and affection. This is what Centre Canin Des Ruisseaux offers to all its residents. So, on your return, you find a confident and relaxed animal.

Compulsory Vaccinations

ANNUAL VACCINES (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus and Parainfluenza: D.H.P.P.), RABIES and BORDETELLA (Kennel cough).

Games and Exercise

No matter the season, your companion goes outside several times a day. Daily games are available, either for twenty minutes accompanied by a monitor, or half an hour of play alone in a large park with toys. Your dog will have several minutes of exercise before returning to his rest area. The ball games or the walk will do him the greatest good.

Size 4×6* 37$/day 1 dog
Size 4×10* 42$/day 1 dog
Size 8×10* 57$/day 1 dog
4×6* 57$/day 2 dogs
4×10* 62$/day 2 dogs
8×10* 77$/day 2 dogs
Small dogs 3×4* 42$/day 1 dog
3×4* 62$/day 2 dogs
Games and outside play 16$ for 30 minutes
Games with staff 21$ for 20 minutes
Games and play with other dogs 26$ for 5 hours

* dimension of the rest area

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